Common Rail

The sophisticated direct fuel injection system is the most reliable and clean way to inject fuel into the combustion chamber. Praised from the automotive industry mostly for its fuel efficiency and emissions performance, the direct fuel injection system offers high reliability through quality materials and precise electronic management systems.

Since in this particular area the common rail is exposed to continuous heat and pressure, a  high resistant material and complex geometry are required. Only forging offers resistance and reliability that goes hand in hand with the reduction of emission of gas and particles. Common rails made of elaborated steel and stainless steel secure the right synthesis of dimensional tolerances, micro-structure and decarburization.

Setforge and Peugeot Japy Technologies, subsidiaries of Farinia Group belong to the world's leaders in the supply of high-quality and reliable common rails for diesel and gasoline engines, working at up to 2,700 bar. 

Our components are forged parts, manufactured to resist any kind of heat and pressure thanks to close tolerances and tight control of metallurgical structures.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Gauvin

Setforge La Clayette

Setforge Estamfor

Peugeot Japy Technologies

Technical Characteristics


steel, stainless steel, aluminium


up to 900 mm length


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