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Spectrum of Components

Automotive Common Rail
Automotive Air Conditioning Piston Bridge
Automotive Chassis Steering KnuckleSteering Arm

Automotive Transmission Primary Shaft

Aerospace Landing Gear Upper FrameLower Frame
Aerospace Hydraulics Manifold
Aerospace Wheels and Brakes Parts
Aerospace Engine Parts
Aerospace Actuation Housing & Cylinder Bodies

Energy Gas Turbine Parts
Energy Steam Turbine Parts
Energy Nuclear Valve

Defense Ammunition, Tracks, Gun Parts

Railway Car Aluminum Forgings


Located in the south of Burgundy, Setforge La Clayette was founded almost 100 years ago. The company has a long tradition of metal forming. Our components are made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel and other superalloys. We manufacture high-resistant parts for advanced technologies used in automotive, aerospace, energy, defense and railway industries.

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steel, stainless steel,
aluminum, titanium, nickel base alloys

ISO 9001, IATF 16494, EN 9100
ISO 14001
HAF 604
NADCAP Non Destructive Test
NADCAP Heat Treatment

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Setforge La Clayette

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