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France Relance

France Relance supports the Poseidon project

The Poseidon project is a structuring project led by Setforge Gauvin and aims to specialize the site in the forging of stainless steels.

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It is with great pride that Setforge has received confirmation of a grant of 0.9 M€ for the Poseidon project, led by Setforge Gauvin, as part of the FRANCE RELANCE program.

Driven by the French Government, this program has for roadmap the economic, social and ecological refoundation of the country with the objective to build the France of 2030.

A key grant for a structuring project

Setforge Gauvin is a company specializing in the hot and warm forging of high quality steel components for the automotive industry in large series.

Gauvin relies on a 4.0 organization, highly automated and environmentally friendly, allowing a flexible production cycle based on the simplification of manufacturing processes.

As a leader in the production of diesel injection components, the company has undertaken a profound transformation of its production tool in order to meet the challenges of the energy transition and the mobility of tomorrow.


The Poseidon project aims to specialize the site in the forging of stainless steel components, a high value-added material, for the production of injection components for hybrid and hydrogen vehicles and the development of niche markets such as the food industry. These are promising markets for the future and are in full development. This transition requires the continued modernization of the production tool and the development of the site's skills in metallurgy, automation and 4.0.

A successful reorientation that has already enabled Setforge Gauvin to capture new business!

A big thanks to BPI France, the French Fab and France Relance for their confidence in this project and their support during this eventful period.

We will give you news of the project very soon!

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