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Gender equality index 2024 - Setforge publishes its results

Setforge Group is committed to maintaining professional equality between men and women.

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The gender equality index has been required for companies with more than 50 employees since March 1, 2020. This system is used to measure equality within the company and to combat pay inequalities between men and women.

Setforge therefore publishes its results to March 1, 2024. Only one of the companies has a calculable index, with a result of 86/100. For the others, the index is not calculable due to the low proportion of women. Despite this, the Group remains vigilant and is committed to preserving professional equality between women and men.

This index measures 4 indicators:

  • Gender pay gap
  • Differences in the distribution of individual increases
  • The share of female employees increased after returning from maternity leave
  • Gender parity among the ten highest earners
Index 2024