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Red Series

New step for the EPITHER project

The Setforge Lab integrates two new machines for the increase in speed of its EPITHER process.

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In September, Setforge opened its doors to the 9T Labs teams for the installation of their REDSERIES machine, which will allow our EPITHER process to take a new step in its development

A perfect example of a successful collaboration between industry and start-up !


Combining 3D printing and hot compression, the EPITHER process makes it possible to obtain "massive" parts in composite materials with improved mechanical characteristics and a very significant weight saving compared to steel, aluminium or titanium solutions. This process opens up the possibility of large-scale use of composite parts for critical applications in the aeronautics, defence, medical, luxury and premium automotive sectors.

Thanks to Giovanni Cavolina, André Schmieder, Lucien Segessemann and all the 9T Labs teams for their professionalism and efficiency! A new story is starting between our two companies and we are very excited about it!

Below, the video announcement of the new partnership: