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Setforge L’Horme Strenghtens Positions

The Forge Will Supply The Construction Sector

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The Forge Will Supply The Construction Sector

Setforge L’Horme was chosen by one the company’s customers in the construction sector for the supply of 2 new strategic parts – a spindle of 250 kg and a hub of 80 kg. This is a great opportunity for the forge to strengthen its position at this competitive market. The prototypes have been already delivered to the customer in December.

Off-Highway Transmission Spindle web.jpg

Off-Highway Transmission Spindle by Setforge L'Horme

Setforge L’Horme is one of the 9 Setforge forges, part of the indusrial group Farinia, specialized in material transformation. The specialty of Setforge L’Horme is the forging of big parts with weights varying from 10 kg up to 400 kg and maximum length of 1,8 m.