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Spectrum of Components

Automotive Common Rail
Automotive Diesel Cylinder Head
Automotive Diesel Injector Body
Automotive Diesel Pump Housing
Automotive Diesel Drive Shaft
Automotive Air Conditioning Swash Plate
Defense Vehicles Tracks 
Defense Weapons Ammunition
Defense Gun Parts


Setforge Gauvin is a forging manufacturing company with a flexible production cycle based on lean manufacturing process. We supply the automotive industry with components produced in high-volume with automated manufacturing process, but we also provide parts for niche markets, requiring small batch production and manual forging . Our components are made of high-quality steel, microalloyed steel, stainless steel and brass. Setforge Gauvin is using hot and warm forging technologies to provide accurate shape and process in order to meet the customer's requirements. 

Material Used :
carbon and alloyed steel,
stainless steel, brass

IATF 16949
ISO 14001
ISO 9001

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