Axle Shaft

In the manufacturing of off-highway axle assemblies special circumstances of usage must be considered. Exposed to demanding conditions and heavy loads, off-highway vehicles should be equipped with strong, durable and reliable axles.

The axle shaft transmits the power from the differentials to the wheels. Its superior quality can minimize fuel consumption and promote high operating reliability. A good axle shaft should withstand twisting forces and support vehicle’s weight.

Setfrorge manufactures steel hot forged axle shafts for various off-highway applications.

Farinia Group supplies a wide array of industries with best quality components. Ensuring high performance and reliability are the main scopes of Farinia’s sophisticated manufacturing process.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Barriol & Dallière Industries

Technical Characteristics


Up to 200 kg

Axle Shaft Off-Highway

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