Planet Carrier

The planetary gear set is a key component of mechanical transmissions, mainly when very large reduction ratios are required. This is the case with off-highway applications where large engine torques need to be transmitted to the wheels or to the tracks at very low speed.

One of the essential components of a planetary gear set is the planet carrier. It supports all transmission components, connecting the engine torque with the ground. Since a planet carrier is exposed to large torque loads, a forge solution is the best option to resist the major transmission constraints.

Setforge manufactures hot forged steel planet carriers for off-highway vehicles.

Farinia’s forging shops are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Every single stage of our sophisticated manufacturing cycle undergoes a rigorous quality control of experienced engineers. High-quality and precision have always been our priorities.

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Setforge L'Horme

Technical Characteristics


100 kg



Transmission Planet Carrier for Off-Highway Vehicles

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