Axle Shaft

The axle of most agricultural vehicles is situated in the rear part of the chassis. The rear axle assembly supports the weight and resists stress due to braking and driving. It consists of housing, axle shafts and a differential with reduction gears, considered as a part of the transmission.

The axle shaft transmits driving torque to the wheels and makes them rotate. It maintains their proper position and absorbs vehicle’s weight to reduce the pressure on the wheels. The axle shafts are supposed to bear also the weight of an additional cargo. Therefore their rigidity and strength are of critical importance to the entire assembly.

Setforge manufactures electro-upset axle shafts for top performance and high reliability.

Electrical upsetting saves raw material and provides better fiber quality for inherent strength. Besides electro-upsetting Farinia Group cover a wide range of high-quality hot and cold manufacturing techniques on crank, screw and hydraulic presses, and hammers. Thanks to our diverse experience, we are a recognized partner of many industries.

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up to 100 kg


Axle Shaft Agriculture

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