Injector Body

The diesel injection system controls trough the engine control unit the admission of fuel into the combustion chamber. This occurs as a fuel injector opens and sprays the fuel into the engine.  But an injector can fail to function if the injector body has cracked.

A high-quality injector body enables the good performance of the injector and consequently of the engine. Since in this area the components are subject to a high number of load cycles, leading to high temperatures and pressure, the resistance and rigidity of the injector body are of critical importance.

Setforge, a subsidiary of Farinia Group forges high reliable steel injector bodies for the automotive industry.

All our components are precisely manufactured and controlled in order to guarantee the perfect performance of a vehicle.  Farinia combines best raw material selection with sophisticated forging techniques to deliver high-quality parts.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Gauvin

Technical Characteristics



up to 200 mm length

up to 0,7 kg weight


Automotive Diesel Injector Body

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Over the years, Farinia Group has taken on new and tough challenges and built a solid expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality parts.

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