Pinion and Sleeve

The transmission is based on the operation of several pairs of pinions and sleeves producing different transmission ratios. The gear transmission ratios transmit the torque coming from the engine to the wheels, while keeping the engine speed.

When changing the gear, the shift lever, operated by the driver, pushes one of the sleeves which mesh with the right pinion. The performance of the mechanism depends on the precise manufacturing of both components – pinions and sleeves.

Setforge supplies the automotive market with hot forged pinions and sleeves made of high-quality steel. The manufacturing process is fully automatized and our capacity covers up to 100 pieces per minute.

Our components are manufactured with precision from experienced professionals. Farinia Group is internationally recognized for combining superior-grade raw materials and best manufacturing techniques.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Hot Formers

Technical Characteristics


30 mm to 120 mm diameter


Pinion for Automotive Transmission

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