Pump Housing

The main purpose of a diesel injection system is to deliver the fuel to the cylinders of a diesel engine. Engine and emissions performance, fuel efficiency and noise characteristics are some of its important functional objectives.

The diesel injection pump is a crucial component of the entire configuration that controls the amount, pressure and timing of fuel, sent to the injectors. Since in this area all parts are exposed to high loads, the pump housing should be very resistant. It ensures good engine performance by sealing the pump and preventing fuel leakage.

Setforge manufactures reliable pump housings made of hot forged steel.

Farinia Group is committed to the manufacturing of high-quality components for top performance. All our diesel injection components are produced with sophisticated forging techniques from best raw materials.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Gauvin

Technical Characteristics

steel, stainless steel, aluminium

up to 6 kg

Diesel Pump Housing

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