Stator Shaft

The stator of the torque converter is an essential component of an automotive gearbox configuration. It is positioned in the center of the torque converter and increases its efficiency by redirecting the fluid returning from the turbine.

The stator is connected to a shaft, the stator shaft, which ensures that it always spins in the proper direction.

As a trusted partner of the automotive industry, Peugeot Japy Technologies offers the sector a wide range of high-quality machined components and assembled modules. PJT stator shafts for gearboxes are manufactured with high precision and expertise in order to fulfill the most stringent industry’s requirements.

Peugeot Japy Technologies is the machining and assembly entity of Farinia Group, specialized in various manufacturing techniques as deep-hole drilling, straightening, grinding, broaching and many others.

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Peugeot Japy Technologies

Technical Characteristics




Length: up to 200 mm


Peugeot Japy Technologies Stator Shaft

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