Steering Knuckle

A chassis builds the main frame of the car, housing the braking system, all engine parts, suspension and steering. It provides support and protection of all vehicular components, contributing to the strength and stability of the car under different conditions.

Attached to the suspension components, the steering knuckle holds the front wheel and allows it to pivot. It is used as a connecting point between suspension and steering. Even slight damage of the steering knuckle can affect the proper wheel alignment and disturb the stability of the vehicle. Therefore this component should be manufactured with high precision and durability.

Setforge supplies the automotive industry with forged steering knuckles of best quality. With its expertise in both micro alloyed steels and aluminum Setforge is able to offer its customers the right solution for either mass production or premium cars.

As a subsidiary of Farinia Group, Setforge is committed to the manufacturing of high-quality components for top performance. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tooling we apply sophisticated forging techniques on best raw materials for improved strength characteristics and most reliable performance.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge La Clayette

Technical Characteristics

aluminium, steel

up to 6 kg


Steering Knuckle Automotive

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